This is my life

Saturday means hard work
Yesterday we did a total make-over at home. We decided that Ida and Tim need separate rooms since they a have been fighting a lot lately. I had a vision that we would be done by lunch time. Sooo optimistic. It took the whole day and the whole evening. We moved the office/guest room to the old playing room, master bedroom to the old office/guest room, Ida’s room to the old master bedroom, and Tim’s room to the small room. This is the result:

Ida's room

Tim's room

Master bedroom

Hallway outside Ida's and Tim's rooms

Office/guest room

#1 - Anonym

Hallå tjejen!

Vad fint det ser ut =)

Hoppas allt är bra!


#2 - Veronica

Kul att fixa lite! Ser jätte fint ut. Hur gillar Tim sängen???

#3 - Dimitrios Stergiou

Right at the time when i was suggesting that Andreas is doing all the hard and physical labor, Tessan decides to redecorate and turns the house upside down...

If this is not the universe conspiring against me, i do not know what it is ...

#4 - Andreas

Guess who did all the carrying....

#5 - Anonym

Så fint det blev! Fina tavlor över sängarna :) Sover de bra i egna rum nu?

Kram Emma